Tool of the Week: Key Rocket for Gmail

Today I stumbled across a really cool extension for google chrome (A really amazing web browser for Windows and Mac), that works with gmail to make your gmail experience quicker and more productive.

It's called KeyRocket, and anytime you do something in gmail that has a time saving keyboard shortcut, KeyRocket pops up (un-obtrusively) to tell you what that shortcut is for next time.  The claim is that each time you use a shortcut, it saves you a few seconds. Those seconds add to a lot of time over the day to make for a major productivity boost!  KeyRocket also has a program for Windows that works with the Microsoft Office Suite to help you with keyboard shortcuts in Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  I'd love it if a similar product came out for Mac.

Make sure to turn on keyboard shortcuts for this to work!

In order for KeyRocket to work, you'll have to turn on gmail shortcuts in your gmail settings.  This is a great way to train to become a gmail ninja.