Tool of the Week: Gmail Ninja

It's no secret I love google products.  I've used just about every mail client out there and I really think Gmail is the best.  They're always on the forefront of innovation, and a lot of features you see coming out in other mail clients are copied from google.

Gmail has made a guide to optimize your e-mail exerpience on gmail called "Become a Gmail Ninja." Even getting through about green belt will really help your e-mail organization.  Below, I'm going to highlight the Gmail tips that are most helpful to me.

  1. Consolidate your e-mails.  Did you know that Gmail can check your work, school, and other e-mail accounts you have?  Don't want them showing up all in the same place? use filters and labels to keep them separate.  And don't worry, you can send email from any account you receive it from, so you won't loose the prestige of having a ".edu" email address.
  2. Use filters to sort and label your e-mail. This keeps your inbox from getting cluttered, and allows you to quickly assess what you're looking for.
  3. After labeling e-mails, Archive them so your inbox doesn't look cluttered. Use the search bar to find them.
  4. I really like the "nested labels," "undo," and "don't forget about bob" features in Labs.  Check out the other things Labs has to offer.
  5. You can make phone calls and video chats straight from gmail.  My mom loves this!

Finally, Using Gmail in google Chrome is just awesome.  If you're already a chrome user, i'd recommend the google mail checker plus extension.  Anybody else have any other gmail tips?