I am extremely passionate about teaching, and I believe that learning should be:

  • exploratory
  • hands-on
  • Interactive

This not only makes learning more accessible, but also better prepares students to address complex issues in the future. My passion for education stems from my own love for learning, and I work< hard to make this love contagious. Toward this end, I believe that teaching is an art that can be mastered, meaning that educators can have 100 percent of their students performing at their fullest ability. To accomplish my goals of becoming a master educator:

  • I set for myself a high bar of professionalism in dress, posture, ethics, and action as I am a role-model for students.
  • I work hard to remain friendly, approachable, and engaged with students to develop meaningful relationships through mutual respect.
  • I continue to work on developing myself professionally by working closely with other educators, constantly reflecting on my pedagogy, remembering course design is an iterative processes, and staying on top of current trends and technologies.

Through hard work and continued refinement, I hope to be an educator that inducts students into a community of engineers passionate about learning, and able to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.


Courses Taught:

GEEN 1010: Engineering Explorations through Physics

GEEN 1400: Engineering First-Year Projects

GEEN 2851/MCEN 2023: Statics and Structures

CVEN 3323: Hydraulic Engineering

See my Teaching Experience in my C.V.