The original purpose of this blog was my roommate William's Idea: he thought that I have a knack for discovering new and useful tools, or using existing tools in creative ways to live a very efficient and productive life.  There's nobody who couldn't benefit from a little extra time from added efficiency, so I've tried to share things that are useful to me here.

As I add posts and am constantly discovering new tools and tricks, I've decided to put a couple of favorites here.  Also explore the tag cloud to the right!  If you see a tool you like, be sure to rank it so I know to write more like it!

Research Favorites:

  • Pretty(er) Matlab Plots - Some quick tips and tricks to make better looking matlab plots. An essential for any grad student that uses matlab.
  • Using Google Forms for Research - I use google docs, specifically Forms and Spreadsheets, almost daily in the lab to keep notes and make common calculations.
  • Mendeley - My literature would be a mess without this tool.
  • LaTeX - A great way to type up Equations, and typeset really nice looking papers!
  • Evernote - I take tonnes of notes in Evernote. It's great because they are archivable, sync between multiple computers and my phone, and are easy to search and share with my advisor!

Productivity Tools:

  • Dropbox - So effortless, you don't even know its running, but it's amazing!


In a deviation from the productivity aspect of this blog, I also want it to be a venue to share some of my favorite adventures. Ranging from big adventures like climbing Mt Rainiercanyoneering in Zion, and backpacking in Hawaii to smaller adventures like weekend backcountry ski trips and local hiking trails; these reports have been some of my most popular and favorite to write.