Project (In Progress): The $100 Quadcopter

I've always wanted to build a quadcopter, and I've got some free time so over the next couple months I'm going to try to build one from scratch.  Sure, there are a lot of tutorials out there on how to build them, but many come with pre-packaged controls and are basically just buying the right parts and assembling them.

Court's Dad got me this awesome little guy for christmas.
Court's Dad got me this awesome little guy for christmas.

My main goal is to learn. I think quadcopters are a really exciting way to learn about Ardunio, Basic Circuits, Feedback Loops, Sensors, Soldering, Programming, and Flight. I don't need a helicopter that can lift a keg of beer, or one that can do crazy acrobatic stunts.  I already have a nice low-cost quadcopter that has provided me hours of entertainment.

Basically i want to build a quadcopter that costs less than $100 and will fly indoors.  It will be Arduino controlled.  If it can do anything more, that'll be a bonus.  In my $100 I'm going to include parts that are going to be attached to the quadcopter, but not tools I use along the way (including my inventor's kit used for prototyping.

Step 1: Sensors!

I'm going to keep updating here with my steps... so I'll keep you posted!