28 Best apps for Mac

I recently did a reset on my Mac, and had to re-download all of my favorite Apps.  This was actually a pretty painless process, but I thought a useful post might be all the top apps for Mac I think are worth having on my machine. These arn't really in a particular order:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Chrome
  4. MacTeX
  5. Latexian
  6. Mendeley
  7. Evernote
  8. Skype
  9. Sublime Text 2
  10. GitHub
  11. Xcode
  12. Homebrew
  13. SciPy
  14. Microsoft Office
  15. GitHub
  16. R
  17. R Studio
  18. Calico
  19. f.lux
  20. Sketchup
  21. Wunderlist
  22. Caffeine

Some other mac apps I think are cool, but didn't re-install until I need 'em are:

  1. Ardunio
  2. Mathematica
  3. Airfoil
  4. Inkscape
  5. Google Drive
  6. Adobe Acrobat

What am I missing?

One thought on “28 Best apps for Mac

  1. Mindnode (for mindmaps)
    Monosnap (for screenshots with annotations and screencasts)
    convert (imageMagick)
    Color Oracle (to see if the plots you're producing is colorblind-friendly)
    SourceTree (because git CLI can be annoying)
    Mou (because [Multi]Markdown)
    LaTeXit (useful for debugging LaTeX – if you're not sure where the error is, LaTeXit makes checking formulas for errors easy)
    CyberDuck (for FTP and remove editing, as you can set your own text editor in the preferences)
    Disk Inventory X (if you have a small harddrive or a SSD)
    DiffMerge or OpenDiff (to diff and merge differnet versions of files)
    Divvy (nice window-size manager)
    Fantastical (nice calendar, syncs with iCal)
    StartNinja (because the Mac Boot Sound is undesired in certain situations)

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