Trip Report: Breckenridge Adventure in the SOLWAC

The view from the "Legacy Chalet Adventure Wagon"
The view from the "Subaru Outback Legacy Wagon Adventure Chalet" was amazing.

Needing a get away: Courtney and I had planned on visiting the Black Canyon of the Gunnison this weekend.  I was excited to see Gunnison, but more excited about my newly discovered knowledge that the seats in my Subaru could fold completely flat: converting the Subaru into the "Subaru Outback Legacy Wagon Adventure Chalet" (SOLWAC)

And to think we almost didn't even bring snowshoes!
And to think we almost didn't even bring snowshoes!

The great thing about the SOLWAC is the flexibility it provides: So when Courtney got some sort of food poisoning on the drive down, we changed our plans and ended up in Breckenridge.  After a good night of sleep, Court felt better and we went on a grand snowshoe along the Colorado Trail.

After a nap in the SOLWAC, we headed into Breckenridge (A town I had never explored, or given much credit due to the touristy ski-industry and snobby locals reputation).  We found some cool art galleries, got a little mothers day present, and found a cool spice shop with some delicious spices we're excited to try out in future cooking.

I had
I had the Lobster and Court had the Elk. It's amazing what meals you can afford when lodging is free.

The great thing about this time of year (Called "Mud Season" because the melting snow means no skiing and lots of mud, everywhere) was Breckenridge wasn't very crowded at all.  Many of the local restaurants were offering half off deals, and so we partook in some overpriced cocktails (which ended up not being half off), and then went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  We then retired to the SOLWAC for some cards and reading before dozing off for a great night's sleep.

Sunday morning we woke up, Courtney went for a run while i enjoyed a cup of coffee and a leisurely read back at the SOLWAC.  Then we went for a hike on Boreas Pass road, with amazing views of the city.  We mobilized the SOLWAC and went into town for half off crepes at a truly authentic little french cafe, before heading back to Boulder.

Our first trip in the SOLWAC was a great experience, and we plan on returning to the SOLWAC for future lodging needs.