Tool of the Week: Daily Agenda from Google Calendar

Screen Shot of my agenda for today

I think I've already posted about how much I love Google calendar, but if not it's an incredibly powerful tool.

Recently I discovered that you can have google calendar email you your daily agenda every day at 5 AM.  Its awesome.

Just click the dropdown by any calendar, click "Calendar settings" and then go over to the "Reminders and notifications" tab. At the bottom there's an option to get emailed your daily agenda! If you're like me, you probably have multiple calendars (I have one for the class i teach, one for my research, and one for my personal life, plus some shared ones). No worries, if you select to get email notifications from multiple calendars, google will combine them into one e-mail automatically.

Now i don't have any more excuses for forgetting about meetings that were scheduled over a month ago.

The "Reminders and notifications" tab can be found under "Calendar Settings"