Trip Report: Glacier National Park

This past weekend Courtney and I drove to Montana for a family Reunion in Glacier National Park.  I had an awesome time, but 3 Days didn't seem like enough time to fully explore Glacier.  Here's what We did do:

Friday I started the day fly fishing with my uncle in two medicine lake.  I caught a 9" bull trout and had a couple of hits from smaller fish throughout the day.  I've got a feeling the fly fishing is much better in west glacier, as well as other parts of the park, but it was still a beautiful setting, and a fun time.  Friday afternoon we took a boat ride accross two medicine lake and did a short hike with the whole family to falls.  The boat ride was a great way for people of all ages to enjoy the park together.

Something Here

Saterday court and I took off to many glacier to do a hike.  We headed up the trail to Grinnel Glacier, but 2 miles from our destination we got turned around by steep, slick snowfields that could have ended in some disastrous falls.  I was kicking myself for leaving my Ice axe and Crampons in the lodge.  I'd love to go back and do some more glacier travel in Glacier national park.  After turning around we hiked down to the beautiful turquoise Grinnel lake, where we ran into some of my family, and hiked back to the Many Glacier Lodge together.

I started sunday with another fish in two medicine river iwth my uncle and my dad.  The fish in the river were tiny, and after a couple of hours we headed back to the lodge.  Sunday afternoon we drove to West Glacier (Stopped to see some mountian goats along the way) and then when white water rafting on the middle fork of the flathead river.  The rafting trip was great, and we came back exausted from so much sun.

So what didn't we do? Drive the Going to the Sun road, or really get a chance to explore any of West Glacier or the Park's Interior.  Additionally, The canadian section of the park would have been awesome to see too.  If only vacations didn't have to end!

If you head to Glacier, don't forget your ice axe and crampons!  Also, Misquote spray is a must.

On our way home we took the senic route through yellowstone and the grand tetons. We only cruised through yellowstone, and i've gotta say the amount of tourons (Tourists/Morons) that are there  turns me off to the park.  The Tetons on the other hand is an extremely majestic park that I'd love to spend more time in!  Pro tip: There's a national forest just west of the tetons, about 8 miles out of the park enternace, with camping that's much less RV-ish and less crowded than the campgrounds in the park.