Gear I love: Using Webbing for Belts

So much selection at McGuckin Hardware!

I'm not a fashion icon. In fact, my dress probably screams "cheep and functional." Luckily, living in one of the worst dressed cities in America, this can fly no problem.

One of my signature manouvers is wearing webbing for a belt.  I mean really, who wants to pay more than 10$ for a belt?! Webbing is cheap, comes in a variety of bright colors, and can be super useful on any outdoor adventure.

That's my blue one!

I'd recommend grabbing 1" webbing 6" longer than your pants waist size (You can alway cut some off later).  Synge the ends over an open flame, and then slide on a brass military belt buckle to finish the product.  Easy Breezy, and comes in super handy on backpacking or other outdoor adventures!

  • Andy

    Where do you get the buckle?

    • mrsoltys

      I picked up my buckle at the same hardware store, right next to the webbing. If you search on amazon or google for a military belt buckle, you should find one you could pickup for cheap!