Took of the week:

I teach at a public school that has amazing technology resources: many students are given laptops and there are ample computers around the school. One problem I run into quite often is YouTube is blocked from any computer on the district's internet. Now, I'm not going to say anything negative on the district's policy to block youtube: It can be a very distracting site... but it is a bit of a shame because YouTube can also be a GREAT teaching tool.

Thats why when I discovered KeepVid, i got really excited. KeepVid allows you to to download movies from YouTube to your computer, so you can insert a file directly into a digital presentation. It's also nice because you don't see the distracting "Recommended videos" at the end of the movie, and in the sidebar, so you have a little more control over some of the distractions in your classroom.

To use KeepVid, Find a YouTube video you like and copy the URL. Then head over to and paste that URL into the bar. Then download in your preferred format!