Update - JEB cover and Ocean Sciences Meeting

My work on the cover of a special issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology

I'm in salt lake this week for the 2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, alongside 4,000 other researchers.  I'm presenting some exciting research findings on friday, and in the mean time I'm learning a lot and trying to network some for future research opportunities.

In the mean time, I invite everyone to check out the 2012 special issue of the Journal of Experimental Biology, which features my work on the cover! I'm really excited about this opportunity to share the beauty that is behind my work!  I'm also going to show a few other images in a local art show on Friday if anybody in Boulder would like to stop by!

One last thing: I'm still a little wet behind the ears when it comes to the conference thing.  Besides being overwhelmed with amazing information being presented in multiple rooms by hundreds of presenters, I'm also daunted by the task of trying to meet and network with new people.  Being somewhat introverted doesn't help this venture, so if anybody has any tips, I'd love to hear em'!


  • Andy

    Mike, that is so freaking cool man - I'll see if any of the bio people down here frequent that journal and then brag that I know you.

    Two things:

    1. It would be cool if you posted a bit about the artistic process you used to create that image, I always find that stuff interesting, particularly science as art/beauty.

    2. In a round about way I'm trying to work on some space/time visualizations for some data and ran into some tools you might find interesting, particular a C++ framework for creative visualization (libcinder.org). This is a demo that you might like: http://roberthodgin.com/additionsubtraction

    • mrsoltys

      I actually presented a couple more at an art show last night here in Boulder. My research consists of thousands of these images, but every once in a while one catches my eye that I want to clean up a bit and present at art. The image on the journal cover was created using the technique outlined in Soltys and Crimaldi, 2010 and under the same flow conditions described in that paper.

      Those are some awesome images! it reminded me of a display i saw at the conference this week by NASA showing global sea currents and ocean surface temperature, which i wish i could find on the internet. It was mesmerizing.

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