Tool of the Week:

Sometimes figuring out where to go skiing feel's like a roll of the dice.  Where's the snow deep enough to not hit rocks?  Where are the freshies at? In the backcountry, it gets even worse: Will the snow be windswept? Will it be steep enough to ski? Will it be too steep to ski safely? How's the avi danger? How dense are the trees?

It is out of this frustration that I started building over the past couple weekends.   PowProject mines the internet for data relevant to skiing and puts it all on an easy to use map interface, so you can see where the freshies are at, and make your ski destination choices appropriately.  I'm pretty proud of the project so far, and hope to keep adding functionality to it in the future to make it an awesome tool to figure out where the best skiing is at.

PowProject was my first foray into JavaScript and working with the google maps API. I used USGS

Check out PowProject and let me know what you think.  I'm at a point where i'd love some feedback on the site, and for people to start using it to plan their skiing adventures.  Bookmark the site, because i'm pretty excited about where this is going!