Ski Tip: Cheap Ski Gloves

Ski gear can be expensive, so when my old ski gloves starting falling apart at the seams this cheap-skate was gritting his teath thinking about buying a new pair.  I asked a couple of my friends from ski bums to ski patrols and got a pretty unified response: Get a pair of Kincos.

So I did, and after posting about using work gloves for mountain biking, I can't belive i didn't think of this earlier.  I bought a pair of Kinco 1927kw (Similar to the striped pair in the picture, but with a knitted wrist that keeps snow from getting into my gloves).  They are AWESOME, they're just as warm as any pair of $80 gloves I've worn, and you can get them at your local hardware, lumber, or feed store for ~$12.  If you live in Boulder, you can pick up a pair at McGuckin Hardware, or at Boulder Lumber.  The insides are fuzzy and soft, and they've kept my hands plenty warm even on some super windy days.  The disadvantage of these gloves is they're not waterproof, but any ski patroller will tell you just lather them up with a couple of coats of SnoSeal Beeswax, and they're good to go!  They're also not as dextrous as my old gloves, but they're getting more so with time.

The other popular model is the Kinco 901 ski glove (full leather, pictured above)