Tool of the Week: Zenni Optical

Over the holidays I've been getting lots of complements on my new glasses.  I decided to try out some thicker, bolder frames and got a pretty good response to them!  For those of you that wear glasses, you know how expensive glasses can be.  So trying a new style used to be a risky investment... until I started buying my glasses online from Zenni Optical.

Zenni Optical offers complete frames and lenses starting at a total cost of $6.  Simply plug in your prescription and upload a picture to virtually try on glasses.  You can then add upgrades, like thinner lenses, anti reflection coating, or tinting for sunglasses.  My last pair cost me only $20 including shipping!

With prices easily an order of magnitude lower than what you'd pay at any optometrist, it's easy to justify ordering a few pairs of glasses that you can switch up depending on your mood or outfit.  I've ordered a couple pairs of sunglasses from Zenni and have been satisfied with those too!

A few notes: don't get too excited about your glasses, mine have always taken about 2 weeks to get delivered.  Also, sometimes it's hard on the website to exactly predict how they'll fit or what they'll look like.  That's just part of the gamble i guess.