Tool of the Week: Pintrest

I love sharing articles and things I find interesting around the internet.  Recently my friend Nicole told me about a website I had never heard of before called Pinterest.   Pinterest makes sharing stuff you find on the web really easy, and your past shares are shown in a very aesthetically pleasing gallery.  You can choose to send your pins to facebook and twitter, making it a nice one-stop sharing solution (I wish there google+ was supported, but I don't think many people use google+ anyways).

I love that Pinterest allows you to organize posts into "boards" and people can follow either everything you post or specific boards that are of interest to them

I've also used Pinterest to store a list of things I want, which my mom really loved using for birthday and christmas ideas.  If anybody wants to browse my wish-list and purchase me a gift, I'll be sure to give you my mailing address so you can send it to the right place.  I've seen people create "boards" to collect ideas for all sorts of things.

Browsing your friends pins can also be a great way to discover interesting ideas, however being a new site, and mostly populated by ladies with much different interests than mine, I haven't found it incredibly useful for discovering content yet.  However, if you're looking for wedding decoration ideas, pictures of Tim Tebow with his shirt off, and craft ideas, pinterest might be extremely useful for you to discover content!

My primary outlet for sharing used to be (and for some things still is) Twitter, because people can follow my twitter feed directly or view my twitter posts after they sync to my Facebook profile.  Historically I've used the silver bird app for chrome to tweet webpages.

If you're on pinterest, let me know, I'm looking for people to follow!  If you're not, sign up and follow me (If you need it, I can send you an invite)


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