Trip Report: Gilpin and Gold Creek Lakes, Mt Zirkel Wilderness

Our Camp exactly 1/4 mile away from Gilpin Lake

Disclaimer: I can't go into too much detail on this trip because Court is trying to pitch it to backpacker magazine for their fall issue.

I caught 9 beautiful fish. it was cool, there were very different but both beautiful types of trout in the two lakes.

It's prime fall weather, and what better to do then head out for a quick backpacking trip near
Courtney's old stomping ground near steamboat springs, CO.  7 of us did a quick overnight backpacking loop (11 miles round trip) with plenty of breaks for fly fishing.  It was perfect weather for camping, with a cool night in the high 30's and warm weather for hiking.  The aspens were glorious, and the Fish were hungry.  What could be better?

Andrew was chief chef for the trip, and made a successful batch of backpacking brownies, some fried trout, and a nice pasta.  We drank a beer i've never had before by Oscar Blues, called G'knight which is a great very drinkable imperial red, conveniently packaged in a can.

All of my photo's can be seen on Picasa, Please check em' out!

Topo Map of Gilpin Lake (Using the TopoMaps app), USGS Mount Zirkel Quadrangle, 7.5 minute series. Notice the trail is on the map, denoted by a faint dotted line.