Cycling Tip: Jersey Washing Tips

Recently I had a zipper break on my cycling vest during a longish ride.  This was a bit annoying, so I did some research and found these great tips for washing cycling jerseys that I wanted to share:

  • Zip up your Jersey - this is easier on the zipper, and on other clothes in the washer with your Jersey
  • Wash/dry inside out - this helps protect the colors and prints on the jersey, and helps save the zippers
  • Wash less often - Ok, you can't do this too often with bike clothes, or nobody will ride with you.  but washing clothes is hard on em.  I try to avoid washing outer layers and leg/arm warmers after every ride.
  • Use less detergent - laundry detergent sellers are trying to make a profit.  If they tell you to use more than you need, you'll have to buy detergent more often.  If you're curious to know if you're using too much detergent, try this:  Take some of your clean clothes you washed with your normal amount of detergent and run them in the wash under normal settings but with no soap.  If you open the washer after 5 mins or so (before the rinse cycle), and see soap suds, these are soap residues in your clothes.  These residues fade clothes over time, and aren't great for your skin either!
Other seemingly obvious tips include using a front load washer, washing on cold, drying on low (or better yet, hang to dry), and not using bleach. 

P.s. I was able to fix the broken zipper pretty easily with a pair of pliers.  Just because something is broke, don't throw it out or give up on it!