Tool of the Week: Strava

I know it was just a few weeks ago i posted about MapMyRun / MapMyRide/ Etc. but reciently I found a new site that i've been loving even more.

Strava is a clean site without the annoying adds and clutter of  As far as I can tell, Strava doesn't have a manual mapping tool but the smartphone app is great, very simple and clean, and doesn't drain battery life nearly as quickly.  With enhanced features, such as an estimation of power output, Strava quickly kick's the MapMyFitness workout analysis' butt.  You can also easily upload your data from your GPS, so you don't have to use the smartphone app if you don't want.  It can also gather data from heart-rate and power meters, if you have that sorta stuff.

ScreenshotBut the thing I love the most about Strava is it appeals to my competitive nature, and urges me to get out there and work hard.  When using Strava, it will automatically detect popular user-defined "Segments," Like that hill just west of town, and compares you to everyone else that has ridden the segment.  That's cool! its great to see how you rank, and see your rank improving (or people beating you out, if you're being lazy).  You can also narrow the rankings to just people you follow, so you can see who has bragging rights amongst your friends.

Strava seems to market itself towards cyclists, although it has a very broad selection of workout choices, including backcountry skiing, hiking, and running.  If you decide to check it out, be sure to follow me!