Tool of the Week: LMGTFY

Let Me Google That For You is a real awesome way of telling people not to bother you with dumb questions that they could ask google.  Just type in a question, get the link, and e-mail it to them.  It will show them how easy it is to search for things in google, instead of asking you.

Here's an example scenario:

I'm hard at work, in the zone, writing my thesis.  I have my headphone's on and am completely focused.  Then, somebody comes and taps my shoulder.  I take off my headphones.

"Hey Mike, How do start a new paragraph in LaTeX?"

I'm not sure.  I google it.  The command is "\". I've lost my train of focus, and it'll probably take me 30 mins to get it back.

-- OR --

I can say "Let me send you a link" and I send them an email that says "Here are some Instructions."  They click it, and hopefully get the passive-aggressive message that they could have just googled their question right from the get go.

It's important to use this tool wisely, because sometimes people don't like a smart-ass.  If you're trying to win points with your advisor, or a cute girl, use this with discretion.