Cycling Tip: Cheap Full Fingered Gloves

If you mountain bike, Gloves are essential. You will fall, and unprotected hands are painful! Full fingered gloves are also essential for road riding when it's chilly out.

Unfortunately, cycling stuff always seems expensive (which is why almost everything i own, from clothes to bikes, is second hand). So you can imagine how a frugal guy like me would be completely bummed when I left my favorite full fingered gloves on top my car last week when riding Walker Ranch.

A blurry picture of the glove in action

To the rescue: Handy Randy, A darn good biker and an even better remodeler. He tipped me off that he'd seen cheap gloves at Home Depot, so I went to check em' out. Sure enough, for less than 10 bucks you can get a pair of work gloves with almost the exact same features of a good full fingered cycling glove: from a felt nose-wipy section to faux-leather palms and nice palm padding. Ok, so maybe they don't look as cool as a pair of troy-lee or fox racing gloves... but I think they'll do the trick.