The quiver grows

My RSS notification on new bikes keeps me in the loop when there are good deals on bikes out there.  However it can be dangerous, as I have a pretty major weak spot for bikes.  Last night I bought yet another bike, bringing my collection up to 5:

Kona Major JakeKonay-nay: The newest addition, I plan on putting gears on this single-speed cyclocross bike and using it for getting exercise when it's to cold too road-bike and too muddy to mountain bike.  She will also be a great bike for every-day use getting around town.

Giant Trance 1

Ginger: I bought this Giant Trance in 2009 to replace my hard-tail kona mountain bike, and never looked back: it's a totally amazing bike.  Amongst other upgrades, Ginger is my first bike to go tubeless, which is (IMHO) the single best investment you can put into a mountain bike.

Trek 1200 1x9

Grushenka: This was my first road-bike, I bought it in 2004 to do a sprint tri.  It's carried me thousands of miles through the Appalachians and across the entire blue-ridge Parkway.  Shortly after moving to Boulder I was hit by a car that ran a red-light (And didn't even stop to see if I was ok!).  I made it out with miraculously few injuries, although Grushenka was less fortunate.  After scrapping many broken parts, I re-built her into a 1x9 commuter bike, and have used her in sun and snow for the past 3 years.

Felt CA-1

Red Robin: After getting hit by a car in 2008, my friends banded together and bought me this rare Felt CA-1 decked out with full Dura-Ace.  This is one sick road machine, and has served me well on thousands of feet of climbing in the rockies.

Ellsworth Scant, SRAM Rival

Ellsworth: This was an impulse buy, and hasn't left the box it came in.  I'm actually hoping to sell it soon on eBay.  But you can't fault me: it sure is a beautiful bike...

I plan on writing a blog post sometime about buying and selling used bikes.  So check back here often 🙂

  • Great title, babe. You're so awesome. And I definitely love the name of your red roadie 🙂