Tool of the Week: Mendeley

Mendeley is a program that sorts and organizes PDFs, allowing you to easily keep track of papers you've read.  Mendeley allows you to highlight and take notes on your PDFs, and all of your notes (as well as the full text of PDFs) are searchable... so you can quit saying "I read a paper somewhere..." and find exactly where it is.

Mendeley easily exports bibliographies to Word or BibTeX, so making your works cited page is simple.  Mendeley also features a sync to the internet, so your work is backed up, and has a smartphone app so you can read papers on the go.

Mendeley combines features of programs like EndNotePapers, Sente, and Zotero in one convient and easy to use piece of software.  Plus, Mendeley is free (for now, they hint it might not always be), so go ahead and check it out!

Update: Mendeley will always have a free version (See Response from Mendeley below)

  • Hey Mike, thanks for the post! It's always interesting to see what particular aspects of the service people choose to highlight.

    If could make one small clarification, though. There will always be a free version of Mendeley, and we're absolutely not planning on bringing people in for free and then charging them later once they've become dependent on the service.

    Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions.

    • Thanks! I've updated my post to reflect that.

      I'm excited about some of the new features Mendeley is working on. I'll be super psyched if y'all start linking papers by citations (Similar to ISI web of knowledge), or recommending relevant papers (kind of like a research Pandora)

  • Mike, you'll be happy to know that we already do paper recommendations. Just check the page for any paper in the research catalog. For example:

    In addition, for subscribers, we are starting to recommend papers based on the current content of your library. We've got the citation linking data as well and are working hard on making a feature out of it that meets our high standards for usability and usefulness.

  • Great post, Mike. This seems like an awesome program that will be useful to those who are looking to organize their pdfs. We'll also be saving trees!


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