Tool of the Week: Dropbox

<Update>: This is an older post.  I've recently started using Google Drive for all my cloud storage. </Update>

This week's tool of the week is Dropbox.

Dropbox is like a flash drive that you can never loose. Its a folder on your computer that gets backed up online automatically. So if you spill coffee on your laptop, or are in a computer lab without your computer, you can still access your files. Dropbox also is great for collaboration: it allows for easy sharing of files amongst groups.  It can also sync your files across multiple computers (E.g., my dropbox folder on my work computer will always have the exact same files in it that my dropbox folder on home computer).  Dropbox also has a smartphone app, so you can view your files on the go.

Dropbox is free, and you can get more free space by following a tutorial and inviting friends, so go ahead, and get dropbox today.