Tool of the Week:

Sometimes figuring out where to go skiing feel's like a roll of the dice.  Where's the snow deep enough to not hit rocks?  Where are the freshies at? In the backcountry, it gets even worse: Will the snow be windswept? Will it be steep enough to ski? Will it be too steep to ski safely? How's the avi danger? How...Read More

Tool of the Week: NOAA hourly weather and point forecasts

[caption id="attachment_354" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Example of hourly weather for Boulder, CO. Notice temperatures falling from the 70's today to snow in 48 hours... typical Boulder weather!"][/caption] Weather you're a data lover, or a flexible planner, I love using NOAA's hourly weather graph feature. Go to, type in your zip code (or city and state), and then scroll down and...Read More