Tool of the Week: Flipboard

A co-worker of mine recently suggested I start blogging cool smartphone Apps, and I think this is a great idea.  While doing "Tool of the Week" I've already pointed to a few services that have smartphone apps, and have tagged them with the "Smartphone App" tag, but i'm going to start doing some more posts specifically related to cool apps across...Read More

Tool of the Week: Pintrest

I love sharing articles and things I find interesting around the internet.  Recently my friend Nicole told me about a website I had never heard of before called Pinterest.   Pinterest makes sharing stuff you find on the web really easy, and your past shares are shown in a very aesthetically pleasing gallery.  You can choose to send your pins to facebook...Read More

Tool of the Week: Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome, in my opinion, is the best web browser out there.  I've experienced less crashes and memory usage with google chrome than any other browser i've tried, which is awesome when you're running an intensive data analysis. Chrome runs noticeably faster than other browsers, and has a very clean user experience, and I love browsing in full screen mode (⌘⇧F on a mac)....Read More