Tool of the Week: Pintrest

I love sharing articles and things I find interesting around the internet.  Recently my friend Nicole told me about a website I had never heard of before called Pinterest.   Pinterest makes sharing stuff you find on the web really easy, and your past shares are shown in a very aesthetically pleasing gallery.  You can choose to send your pins to facebook...Read More

Tool of the Week: Mendeley

Mendeley is a program that sorts and organizes PDFs, allowing you to easily keep track of papers you've read.  Mendeley allows you to highlight and take notes on your PDFs, and all of your notes (as well as the full text of PDFs) are searchable... so you can quit saying "I read a paper somewhere..." and find exactly where it...Read More

Tool of the Week: Dropbox

<Update>: This is an older post.  I've recently started using Google Drive for all my cloud storage. </Update> This week's tool of the week is Dropbox. Dropbox is like a flash drive that you can never loose. Its a folder on your computer that gets backed up online automatically. So if you spill coffee on your laptop, or are in a...Read More