Smartphone App: MTB project

[caption id="attachment_1413" align="alignleft" width="300"] This is an awesome woman. I'm very very blessed.[/caption] Courtney and I recently took a trip for our 1-yr anniversary out to summit county.  If you didn't know: Summit county is awesome in late september because the aspens are amazing: Also, everything's cheap because it's the off season: from being able to get a condo for...Read More

Cycling Tip: Cheap Full Fingered Gloves

If you mountain bike, Gloves are essential. You will fall, and unprotected hands are painful! Full fingered gloves are also essential for road riding when it's chilly out. Unfortunately, cycling stuff always seems expensive (which is why almost everything i own, from clothes to bikes, is second hand). So you can imagine how a frugal guy like me would be...Read More

The quiver grows

My RSS notification on new bikes keeps me in the loop when there are good deals on bikes out there.  However it can be dangerous, as I have a pretty major weak spot for bikes.  Last night I bought yet another bike, bringing my collection up to 5: Konay-nay: The newest addition, I plan on putting gears on this single-speed...Read More