Freeing up space on your iPhone: Deleting the "Other" category that takes up space

[caption id="attachment_1161" align="alignright" width="300"] What is this 1.3 GB of "Other" On my phone?![/caption] I get a little irked sometimes on my 8 GB iPhone when I can update an app or download a podcast because I'm out of space.  I usually try deleting some old apps I don't use, or old photos, but what's really annoying is the mysterious "Other" that...Read More

Tool of the Week: Getting your phone to display decibles instead of bars

Here's a pretty cool trick that I tweeted last week: Basically, instead of bars telling you how strong your signal is, you get a number with higher resolution and real units, which is awesome if you're even remotely mathematically minded. So, Why would you want Decibles vs Bars? Well first, you're not sacrificing your bars. You can always click the display where the signal strength is...Read More

Smartphone Apps: 12 Must have Apps

I love having a smartphone, and although a lot of commentary could be said for being a generation that is addicted to our phones, they can be incredibly useful tools. I try to keep my phone free of games, and focus on making it a useful productivity tool.  This blog post is 12 apps to fill your home screen that...Read More

Tool of the Week: Airfoil

[caption id="attachment_976" align="alignright" width="200"] Listening to music from my macbook on my iphone[/caption] Here's the scenario: You're in the kitchen on your laptop.  Your speakers are in the livingroom.  You want to listen to something off your itunes library (or even pandora), but the speaker cable won't reach... And why should it? We're in a wireless world, right? Using Airfoil,...Read More