Tool of the Week: Google 2-step verification

The things someone could do with access to your e-mail is a bit scary. Not only do have access to any linked bank accounts and other personal information, but also your friend's and families' contact info, where they can start phishing and trolling from a trusted source.  Your e-mail is used to recover lost or stolen passwords to all sorts...Read More

Tool of the Week: Gmail, google Calendar, and Google Docs offline

[caption id="attachment_962" align="alignleft" width="214"] In a new tab, apps that will work when disconnected from the internet appear in blue, while others are turned gray. Be if you don't see app icons, be sure you're on the "Apps" tab at the bottom.[/caption] Sorry to post two Gmail tools in a row, but google offline is awesome.  After being gone on...Read More

Tool of the Week: Key Rocket for Gmail

Today I stumbled across a really cool extension for google chrome (A really amazing web browser for Windows and Mac), that works with gmail to make your gmail experience quicker and more productive. It's called KeyRocket, and anytime you do something in gmail that has a time saving keyboard shortcut, KeyRocket pops up (un-obtrusively) to tell you what that shortcut is for...Read More

Tool of the Week: Gmail Ninja

It's no secret I love google products.  I've used just about every mail client out there and I really think Gmail is the best.  They're always on the forefront of innovation, and a lot of features you see coming out in other mail clients are copied from google. Gmail has made a guide to optimize your e-mail exerpience on gmail called "Become...Read More

Tool of the Week: Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome, in my opinion, is the best web browser out there.  I've experienced less crashes and memory usage with google chrome than any other browser i've tried, which is awesome when you're running an intensive data analysis. Chrome runs noticeably faster than other browsers, and has a very clean user experience, and I love browsing in full screen mode (⌘⇧F on a mac)....Read More