Replacing Dropbox Pro with Amazon Glacier, and other services

Recently I've started auditing my tech spending to save some money.  One of the things I decided to drop was my subscription to Dropbox Pro, costing me $99/yr for 100 GB.  (really 140, because they double your free-space with a pro account). Here's what I did. Photos: Amazon S3 Glacier Backup A big chunk of my data in dropbox was photos:...Read More

Trip Report: Glacier National Park

This past weekend Courtney and I drove to Montana for a family Reunion in Glacier National Park.  I had an awesome time, but 3 Days didn't seem like enough time to fully explore Glacier.  Here's what We did do: Friday I started the day fly fishing with my uncle in two medicine lake.  I caught a 9" bull trout and...Read More