Smartphone App: MTB project

[caption id="attachment_1413" align="alignleft" width="300"] This is an awesome woman. I'm very very blessed.[/caption] Courtney and I recently took a trip for our 1-yr anniversary out to summit county.  If you didn't know: Summit county is awesome in late september because the aspens are amazing: Also, everything's cheap because it's the off season: from being able to get a condo for...Read More

Trip Report: Salida Honeymoon

Courtney and I wanted to check out some new Colorado spot that we hadn't explored before for our Honeymoon.  Somehow, we chose Salida, CO and it was a most Excelent choice. We arrived at our hotel, the Salida Palace Hotel, on sunday.  Our room was a cute suite with an awesome kingsize bed, a small kitchen adn bathroom.  It had...Read More

Mike's beginners guide to DIY bike maintenance

It always surprises me when people think you can buy a bike and then not service it for a year, and wonder why it's creaking and hardly working the next summer.  Then, upon a trip to a local bikes hop, people seemed shocked at the price to repair it, and usually the bike ends up collecting rust in a garage until it gets trashed...Read More

Mike's Guide to Buying Road Bikes

Every once in a while a friend says "Hey Mike, you're into bikes: What do i need to know to buy a road bike?"  I'm sure there are plenty of other good guides on the internet, but because you asked, here's my two cents: 1) Fit - Having a bike that doesn't fit you right is the most guaranteed way you won't enjoy...Read More

DIY bike light

A couple times this season I've gotten caught in the dark on my after work rides.  I've always wanted to try night biking, but my little 55 Lumen headlamp was awkward to strap to my helmet and barely lit up the trail.  Night biking sounds fun because it offers flexibility, it's a bit cooler in the summer, and the trails are less crowded! A...Read More

Cycling Tips: Some notes on drivetrain upgrades

You've gotta be a bikeseuxal like myself to want to change out an entire drivetrain: Maybe you're building a project bike, want to upgrade an existing bike, replacing broken parts, or fixing up an old beater: upgrading the drivetrain can be a whirlwind.  Here's a few tips to get you started.  (Also, these tips might help you if you're trying...Read More

Trip Report: Fruita Mountain Biking, Spring 2012

Well, Spring break is over.  I had to work most of the week, but thursday night I set out with 20 of my closest friends for a weekend of camping and mountain biking at Fruita, CO.  This was  my third trip out to Fruita, and I really love the area: it offers really amazing scenery and super unique terrain, and...Read More

Tool of the Week: Topo Maps

[caption id="attachment_425" align="alignright" width="320" caption="TopoMaps near one of my favorite mountain biking spots: Walker ranch"][/caption] There is no substitute for a good topo map and old fashioned compass.  Knowing how to use them is a basic skill for any outdoors person.  With that said, nothing beats being able to bust out your smart phone and immediately know your place on...Read More